I believe that this crazy life we live in moves way too fast, and I don’t want you to forget a single moment. Those sweet baby snuggles, the giggles of your children, the way your fiancé or husband smiles while he glances in your direction when you aren’t even looking, or the first moment when a father sees his daughter walking down the isle towards her new husband.  Those are all the fleeting moments that come and go too quickly, and I want to provide a way to always be able to look back and remember each one. Because even though you may not see it, I do. And trust me – it’s magic.   

Lets schedule a time to sit down together and discuss what type of portraits you are looking for, be it all traditional, lots of candid moments, or everything in-between. I don’t want anyone, or anything, left out.

My name is Jaclyn, and I am the founder, owner and principle photographer of Jaclyn Shaw Photography. My home and my heart are nestled in Northeast Indiana, but I am always up for an adventure. I have wanderlust in my heart, so just tell me where I need to be! Not getting married in Indiana, or have a family that live in Fort Wayne? Not a problem – let’s start talking and let me hear about what you have in mind. Between my 10+ years of experience, and your desire to tie the knot (or get those family photos taken!), I know we can come up with something amazing and uniquely “you.” I’m here to make this not only about getting your photos taken, but about you getting in your car when they’re all done and having you say, “I can’t believe how fun and incredibly easy that was.” I have spent a lot of time working on perfecting my craft in order for you to be as comfortable, relaxed and authentic in front of my camera as you would be just sitting and chatting with me over a cup of coffee.

Get ahold of me.

Lets talk.

I would love nothing more than to be able to document your life in the most beautiful of ways for you.