Grow With Me

The Grow-With-Me package is meant for those that want to capture the growth of their newborn at Birth, 3-months, 6-months,  9-months, and 1 year.  My newborn portraits can be created anywhere that you choose.  Most are done in the comfort of your home to ease any stress on you or your newborn.  You would be amazed how such small spaces can be transformed into the perfect backdrop for your little one.  And, although I bring plenty of props, I encourage you to let me use a special hat, blanket or any other object that has meaning to you and your little one.

            The length of each session is directed by each newborn, but I would typically allot for around 2 hours.  I allow plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes and snuggling.  A newborn session is never rushed.  Its a quiet, slow process in order for your newborn to be as happy and comfortable as possible.

           The ideal time to schedule a newborn session is within 1-2 weeks after birth. Babies tend to sleep well and curl up in those sweet little positions that we all love having captured on film.  Be sure to schedule your appointment within that time frame.  If baby comes early, or even late, we can discuss moving your session to a different date. Please see my information about your Newborn Session for additional information.

            The remainder of the sessions will proceed much like a normal session in which we are together for about 1.5 hours, and the session time and location can be much more flexible. I typically allow the child to drive most of the session, with minor exceptions and minimal posing.  If they are happy looking out of a window, we take pictures at the window.  If they want to stand and hold on to the chair, we take pictures with them at the chair.  This insures that the child feels comfortable and has a sense of control, and that they STAY HAPPY!  Crying babes are tough to photoshop!

             I have an added option for a Maternity Session as well with this package.  It is best to do this between your 7th and 8th month of pregnancy.

            For those that wish to commit to this package, I have reduced the package fees.  I do require a written agreement for this package that will lock in the commitment to schedule.

            Please let me know ahead of time if you would like a few of the shots to include siblings or parent(s).

Grow With Me // $315.00 per session

1 – 2 Hours, Depending on Age

Secured Time & Date, Any Outdoor Session will Preferably be taken at “Golden Hour”

Email or Phone Consultation to Plan your Day    

Use of Photographer’s Props: Hats, Wraps, Blankets, Baskets, etc   

Online Viewing Gallery

50+ Professionally Enhanced, Digital Downloads with Print Release 

$55.00 Print Credit

An 8×8 Album of the First Year is available.  Please inquire about pricing.

Maternity Session Add On // $265.00

                  A Maternity Session may be added to this package for an additional fee.  Typically these photos are taken during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, so be sure to schedule well in advance.  These can be taken on location or at your home, whichever you may choose.  Change of outfits is optional, but certainly not necessary.  If you would like a more stylized shoot, I can offer recommendations of where to purchase flowing, maternity gowns, floral crowns, ect.