About Me


First, let me thank you for visiting my page.  It means the world to me. Seriously.  

My name is Jaclyn and I am the owner and primary photographer of Jaclyn Shaw Photography.  My home and my heart are nestled in Northeast  Indiana, but I am available for travel anywhere in the world – I am ALWAYS up for an adventure.  

Through photography, I’ve been able to see amazing things, meet the absolute most wonderful people, develop life-long friendships and experiences incredible adventures.  My clients mean the world to me – every single one of them, so seeing and hearing their happiness after receiving their images is one of the greatest rewards of all! 

It is my desire to help preserve those beautiful moments in your life: Weddings, Newborns, Families and Graduations.  I hope we can connect and get to know one another, and I that I can offer you a collection of images that you and your family will cherish for a life time.

Second, let me help you get to know me. I am the youngest of three girls (my dad’s sanity still amazes me to this day) and I love my family.  They’re the best.  Ask me about my childhood and I will gush for hours about all of the fun adventures I had growing up.  We were surrounded by fields, woods and the Tippecanoe River.  I always had dirty hands.


I married my High School sweetheart.  He is the man of my dreams, and he gets more and more attractive the older he gets.  (How is this even fair?!)  He sports a great beard, and has an impeccable taste in music.

We have three very different, very incredible kids.  Sophia is my oldest – a bright, big-hearted red head that I can’t wait to see grow up.  She’s witty, creative, strong-willed and is going take on the world.  Sampson is in the middle, and prefers to think and ponder. He likes his alone time, is brilliantly smart without even trying, and has the greatest, driest sense of humor that never ceases to amaze me.  Sullivan is our youngest, and he has forced me to be a whole different kind of mother, but has always been our ray of sunshine.  He is constantly generating laughter within our household, just as often as he is giving hugs and warming our hearts.

I tend to be a bit of an introvert – I like to listen rather than speak.  I will soak you up – take in everything you have to say.  People (and their stories) positively fascinate me.  That’s why I love taking photos – to capture those moments, be a part of them, and in-turn hand them over to you for you and your family to forever hold on to.  It’s become my passion to capture those in-between moments for you, because those are the ones that count the most. Anyone can look at me and say, “Cheese,” but not everyone can freeze for eternity that look of adoration that your son or husband gave you that you didn’t even know he was making.  

I love nature.

I love music.

I love coffee.

And I LOVE stale marshmallows


I’m highly tuned in to others’ emotions.  I refuse to watch romance movies because I will cry for hours after it ends.  

 “The Notebook” destroyed me.

At one point in my life I wanted to travel across the United States, randomly stop and peoples’ homes, and stay with them for a few days while they told me their life stories.  I wanted to document their lives through both words and images.  Then I started watching WAY too much True Crime television and my imagination got the best of me and I realized I was too much of a chicken, so I went to college for something else.  Something much safer, but not photography.


Photography was something that was always around me.  My dad got me started when I was 14.  He let me use his Minolta camera that he bought in the 70’s while stationed in Germany for the US Air Force. He was a great, self-taught photographer.  He knew how to tell the story – but I don’t think he ever realized his skill.

I took every photography class that I could while in High School – and that’s when I got my first SLR camera – a Minolta, of course.  I still think its awesome.  I would spend hours in a dark room – yes, a DARK ROOM – processing my film.  It was the greatest cause & effect I had ever witnessed, and it never ceased to fascinate me.  I could completely alter the feeling of an image by dodging and burning or cropping in an interesting way.  I learned that I was able to bring out the most intimate of moments in the most impactful of ways.

I took a break from photography for a while after High School because, you know, life happens – college, marriage, kids and a few dogs.  But when I decided to get back into it, something else happened.  I remembered how much love I had for it, and others could see it as well.  My first real push (and boy was it a risky one) was taking wedding photos for a friends brother and finance.  I charged $120.00 and was a nervous wreck leading up to the ceremony.  However, once I was there and looking through my camera, everything felt right and I fell in love all over again.

So, here I am.

Wanting to tell your story.

Believing I can give you the best of me.